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    YC803 Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester


     1. Summary
    This model insulation oil dielectric strength tester is our company's scientific research and technical personnel,In accordance with relevant standards and requirements of insulating oil testing,Play to your strengths,After many field tests and long-term unremitting efforts,Carefully developed high accuracy,All digital industrial instruments.Simple operation,Beautiful and elegant shape.Because of the use of automatic digital microcomputer control,So the measurement accuracy is high,Strong anti-interference ability,Safe and reliable.

    2.The instrument features
    * The instrument is controlled by large capacity single chip microcomputer,Stable and reliable work;
    * The instrument is equipped with temperature and humidity clock display function,And can be customized infrared oil temperature measurement。
    * The instrument is equipped with a wide range of watchdog circuit to prevent the phenomenon of crash;
    *  Multiple standard selection,Instrument procedure GB/T507-1986、GB/T507-2002、DL429.9、IEC156And self-programming operations,Can adapt to different users of a variety of options;
    * The oil cup is made of special glass and polymer material,It is made of fine processing,Prevent the occurrence of oil leakage and corrosion;
    * The instrument's unique high voltage end sampling design allows the test values to flow directly into the A/D converter,The error caused in analog circuit is avoided,To make the measurement more accurate;
    * The instrument has internal protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit, and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;
    * Can switch between Chinese and English to meet any customer needs;
    * The instrument itself has data analysis function to assist the staff to determine the quality of oil;
    * USB and RS232 data transmission.

    3.Technical indicators
    * Booster capacity: 1.5 kVA
    * Booster
      Speed 0.5kV/s-5.0kV/s(every0.5increasing):10 optional
      Poor miss 0.2kV/s
    * The output voltage :0~80 kV(optional)
    * Voltage accuracy :(2%reading+2 words)
    * Power distortion rate :<1%
    * The electrode gap standard:2.5 mm
    * Number of test 6 times :(1-9 times optional)
    *  Let stand time :900S(0-9000s optional)
    * Interval rest time :300S(0-900s optional)
    * Mixing time:15S (0-250s is optional
    * Overall dimensions:650mm×470 mm×410 mm
    * Instrument weight :42 kg

    4.Conditions of use
    ? The environment temperature :0~40℃
    ? Relative humidity:  ≤85%
    ? Working power supply :AC 220V(1 ± 10%)
    ? Power frequency :50 Hz (1 ± 10%)
    ? Power consumption :<200 W

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