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    Industry News

    State Grid Corporation issued opinions on further supporting and advancing the reform of incremental power distribution business

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    The State Grid Corporation of China resolutely implements the power system reform and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, takes practical actions to practice the People's Electric Industry as a people's enterprise purpose, adopts a more active and open attitude, and more realistic and pragmatic measures to support, participate in, and promote incremental power distribution Reform, achieving new breakthroughs on the key points of reforms such as "marketization, transparency, and high efficiency", the State Grid Corporation of China’s party group conducted special studies and issued opinions on further supporting and promoting the reform of incremental power distribution business. details as follows:

    Cooperate with governments at all levels to complete the pilot project declaration
    1. Actively cooperate with the pilot application. Implement the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Deepening the Reform of the Electricity System" (Zhongfa [2015] No. 9), as well as various national policy requirements for incremental power distribution reform, actively assist local governments in selecting pilot projects, and make scientific and reasonable forecasts Load development, and promote the inclusion of projects that comply with policy regulations, fully demonstrated, and mature conditions into the pilot. Encourage regions with power grids at different development levels and stages to participate in the pilot in a balanced manner.
    2. Scientifically prepare power grid planning. Cooperate with the local government to plan the incremental distribution network, provide the current status of the local power system, as well as the planning information of the relevant substation interval, line channels, and open capacity as required, and put forward scientific and reasonable planning suggestions to ensure the safety of the large power grid. Incremental distribution network and public grid coordinated development.
    3. Reasonably divide the distribution area. Strengthen reporting to local government authorities, communicate well with relevant parties, actively cooperate and negotiate in accordance with the principle of avoiding redundant construction, study and propose a distribution area division plan, and encourage the division of pilot areas during the incremental distribution network planning stage to promote The reforms proceeded smoothly. The existing power grid assets in the designated power distribution area can be disposed of in accordance with laws and regulations through such methods as equity investment, sale, property rights replacement, and leasing to ensure the safety of state-owned assets.
    4. Do a good job in the pilot exit guarantee service. When the pilot project is withdrawn, the project company goes bankrupt or withdraws from operation, in accordance with government requirements and relevant regulations, timely provide guaranteed power supply services to users within the pilot area to ensure safe and reliable power supply. Properly dispose of power distribution assets in accordance with laws and regulations.
    High-quality and efficient implementation of pilot projects and grid-connected services
    5. Research and propose access opinions. Proactively communicate with local energy authorities and third-party consulting agencies entrusted by them, and provide timely primary and secondary system data and information related to the superior power grid. In accordance with the requirements of local governments, in accordance with relevant national standards and industry standards, timely research and put forward opinions and suggestions on incremental distribution network access systems.
    6. Do a good job of grid-connected quality service. In accordance with the principle of “transfer from inside to outside without transferring” and “one mouth to outside”, the marketing department of the territorial company will uniformly accept the network connection business and organize the signing of the network connection contract. Establish an efficient internal coordination mechanism, simplify business processes, speed up processing, and improve service efficiency. Strengthen the construction of the higher-level power grid to ensure that it is put into operation at the same time as the pilot project, and ensure that the incremental distribution network is connected to the grid on time.
    7. Strengthen the unified management of dispatching. In accordance with the principle of “unified dispatch and hierarchical management”, and in accordance with national policies and regulations, relevant dispatch agencies shall assess and determine the relevant conditions for the safe and stable operation of the incremental distribution network before connecting to the grid, and contact the incremental distribution company (hereinafter referred to as " "Distribution company") sign a grid-connected dispatch agreement to incorporate the incremental distribution network into the unified management of dispatching to ensure the safe and stable operation of the incremental distribution network.

    3. Speed ??up the implementation of pilot projects in which the company participates
    8. Simplify project decision-making procedures. All pilot project feasibility studies approvals and project company formation responsibilities are delegated to provincial-level companies. All investment matters of the company's investment unit in the distribution company's equity investment of less than 200 million yuan are made by the provincial-level company. Actively support private capital, foreign capital and other social capital to participate in incremental power distribution pilots.
    9. Optimize the management and control mode of holding projects. Further implement the requirements of “decentralization, management and service”, establish a management system commensurate with reform requirements and market orientation, focus on target management and index assessment, supplemented by process control, reduce pre-approval links, and improve decision-making efficiency and response speed. Power distribution companies operate in accordance with the "Company Law" and the company's articles of association, operate independently in a market-oriented manner, and are responsible for their own profits and losses. The company's investment unit as a shareholder enjoys the rights of investment income, participation in major decision-making, and selection of managers.
    10. Innovative value-added service business model. On the basis of operating the distribution network, encourage distribution companies to rely on their own advantages to explore market-oriented businesses, innovate businesses, formats and business models, transform and upgrade traditional businesses with new concepts and new technologies, extend and expand value-added services, and improve energy efficiency. Create a comprehensive energy use platform to enhance the profitability of power distribution companies and enhance customer experience and sense of acquisition.
    Support pilot project operation
    11. Cooperate with the government to determine the power distribution price. In accordance with the incremental power distribution network price policy issued by the national price authority, actively cooperate in participating in the verification of power distribution prices, provide timely data on electricity and load required for price verification, and assist provincial price authorities in scientifically verifying power distribution prices.
    12. Provide electricity bill settlement services. Conscientiously implement the relevant policies and regulations on power distribution prices, and the power distribution companies independently choose to settle the electricity prices by classification or comprehensive settlement. Assist power distribution companies to pay governmental funds and surcharges to local finance departments to ensure effective implementation of power distribution pricing policies.
    13. Assist in the handover of users in the distribution area. After the pilot project obtains the electric power business license, according to the opinions (or agreements) on the division of power distribution areas, assist the power distribution company in the transfer of relevant users, regulate the change of power supply and use contracts, and timely handle the transfer of relevant user information and information.
    14. Provide high-quality and caring outsourcing services. Relying on the company's advantages in technology, management, talents, and operations, and based on the principle of voluntary selection by distribution companies, actively provide distribution companies with technical training, project consulting, construction and transformation, operation and maintenance, customer service, capital operation, energy efficiency improvement, etc. Class outsourcing services.
    15. Promote the disclosure of incremental power distribution reform information. In accordance with government requirements, learn about pilot project load power, preliminary progress, construction progress, regulatory business operations and other information, and publish it to the public after the government's authorization, promote the transparency and disclosure of pilot incremental power distribution reform information, and actively accept social supervision.
    The State Grid Corporation of China will further improve its ideological, political, and action-consciousness, and give full play to the important role of the “six forces” of state-owned enterprises. Under the guidance of governments at all levels, it will emancipate the mind, innovate in practice, and actively support and accelerate the promotion of incremental power distribution. For business reform, we will concentrate our efforts and take responsibility to make positive contributions to the in-depth advancement of the power system reform!


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