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    Industry News

    UHV: Power transmission and storage for high-quality economic development

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    According to the latest arrangement, the investment scale of the UHV construction project of the State Grid Corporation of China has increased to 181.1 billion yuan in 2020, which can effectively drive social investment of 360 billion yuan, with an overall scale of 541.1 billion yuan.

    If 500 billion yuan is too general, then we can focus on the northern Shaanxi-Hubei ±800 kV UHV DC project that started on February 28. As the first UHV project newly started by the State Grid Corporation of China this year, its total investment is 18.5 billion yuan. It is expected to directly drive the equipment production scale of about 12 billion yuan, drive investment in power supply and other related industries to more than 70 billion yuan, and increase more than 40,000 jobs. One.
     If the above figures are still too abstract, take the UHV converter transformer, one of the core equipment of UHV, as an example. Regardless of the high technical difficulty of its research and development and the complexity of its manufacturing, only the transportation problem is a university question-a typical ±800 kV converter transformer weighs about 500 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 100 adult African elephants. Definitely worthy of the title of "Heavy
    Power of Great Power".
    Although it is closely related to our daily life, it is not very much paid attention to. As new infrastructure is heatedly discussed, UHV has entered the public eye.
    The highlight of the new infrastructure
    UHV consists of 1000 kV and above AC and ±800 kV and above DC transmission. It has the comprehensive advantages of long distance, large capacity, low loss, and less land occupation. It is currently the most advanced power transmission technology in the world. In addition to high-voltage electrical switchgear, converter valves, power electronics, automation monitoring equipment, new materials, etc., UHV key technologies can also promote the development of high-tech technologies such as the Internet of Things, chips, software industry, and artificial intelligence based on 5G technology. The fit of the new infrastructure is extremely high.
    As the main force in the planning and construction of UHV projects, Zhang Zhengling, deputy director of the Development Department and spokesperson of the State Grid Corporation of China, said in an interview with a reporter from "China Electronics News" that UHV has a long industrial chain, strong driving force, and significant economic and social benefits. Such advantages play an important role in driving economic growth, expanding employment scale, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and stabilizing social development. UHV is included in one of the seven major areas of new infrastructure, indicating the main direction of economic and social development and industrial upgrading.
    The development of UHV is not only an investment in the present, but also an investment in the future. Chief expert of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Electric Power System Reform Expert Advisory Group, leader of the National Energy Administration’s "Energy Internet Action Plan" preparation team, North China Electric Power University professor, and director of the Energy Internet Research Center Zeng Ming uses "reasonable" and "necessary" to summarize UHV locations List the reasons for the new infrastructure. "China's UHV project construction has been fruitful, many projects have been put into use, and have achieved good social and economic benefits." Zeng Ming told the reporter of "China Electronics News", "Looking at the '14th Five-Year Plan', the west-to-east power transmission is still significant. Therefore, it is necessary to add more UHV lines."
    Strong industry driving force
    From the perspective of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, the UHV industrial chain includes power supplies, electrical equipment, energy-using equipment, raw materials, etc. The industrial chain is long and interlocking, with strong driving force.
    In an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News, leading companies in each link of the UHV industry chain, including Xu Ji Group, Pinggao Group, China Xidian Group, Far East Group, etc., said that they have overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic , Is running full capacity to increase production, and will ensure the construction of UHV projects in accordance with the original schedule.
    The UHV construction has a very obvious leading role in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry. Han Shumo, deputy general manager and party committee member of Pinggao Group, told reporters that almost all the equipment used in the three major UHV experimental projects in China is provided by domestic enterprises, and the localization rate of the project reached about 95%, and the localization rate of equipment reached about 91%. Under the traction of experimental engineering, domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have been fully tempered, and scientific and technological research and development capabilities have been greatly improved.
    A set of data from Hu Siquan, deputy general manager of Xu Ji Electric Co., Ltd., detailed the driving effect of UHV projects on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Since the resumption of work on February 10, Xu's converter valve manufacturing alone has driven more than 260 raw material suppliers to resume work and production, increasing the output value by 450 million yuan. In terms of the manufacturing of transformer equipment, it will also directly drive the development of the industrial chain of basic components such as optical devices, insulating materials, and power sensors. According to the estimated annual order for 1-2 UHV projects, it will drive nearly 100 million yuan in output value. increase. In terms of the control and protection system business, it will drive more than 170 suppliers to resume work and production, which will have a pulling effect on the local industrial chain of machining, cable, insulation material manufacturing, hardware, electromechanical sales, packaging and transportation.

    Li Lin, chief customer officer of Far East Group, said that UHV has a leading role in upstream aluminum ingots, steel cores, high-strength steel, aluminum alloys, wires, and power transmission and transformation equipment, which benefit related companies. At present, the share of UHV wires in the Far East ranks in the forefront of the country. The scale of equipment investment is tens of billions of yuan, and the annual investment in wires amounts to several billion yuan. UHV projects have won bids of about 12 billion yuan each year. The production capacity is in the order of two to three million tons.
    China Xidian Group, which has participated in the construction of nearly 30 UHV lines, is the only central enterprise in the manufacturing of UHV transmission and transformation equipment. Over the years, it has reduced the degree of foreign dependence on UHV key materials, key components and key core technologies. Excellent progress has been made in this regard. In an interview with China Electronics News, the person in charge of the company expressed the feelings of many companies upstream and downstream of the industry chain: this epidemic has further realized that we will enhance the company's digital, networked, and intelligent operation management and control capabilities. In the next step, we will continue to actively explore the application of unattended systems and implement intelligent equipment upgrades.

    13 new lines will be completed and put into operation within 3 years
    Since 2004, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have worked together to achieve innovative breakthroughs in theory, technology, standards, equipment and engineering construction, operation, etc., and realize the "created in China" and "led by China" of UHV. As of the end of 2019, the State Grid Corporation of China has built 22 UHV lines, with a cumulative investment of more than 430 billion yuan.
    Zhang Zhengling revealed that the State Grid Corporation of China is currently accelerating the construction of 1000 kV Mengxi-Jinzhong, Zhumadian-Nanyang, Zhangbei-Xiongan AC projects and ±800 kV Qinghai-Henan, Yazhong-Jiangxi, Shaanbei-Hubei DC Project, these 6 lines are planned to be completed and put into operation in 2020-2021.
    In September 2018, the National Energy Administration will transfer the 1000kV Nanyang-Jingmen-Changsha, Nanchang-Changsha, Jingmen-Wuhan, Zhumadian-Wuhan, Wuhan-Nanchang AC project and ±800kV Baihetan-Jiangsu, Baihetan-Zhejiang DC The project is incorporated into national planning. The State Grid Corporation of China is speeding up the preliminary work of the project, and strives to obtain all approvals and start construction this year. The seven lines are planned to be completed and put into operation in 2021-2023.

    UHV "West-to-East Power Transmission" not only sends clean energy, it also has an advantage in price. At present, the capacity of UHV projects to transport clean energy across regions has exceeded 120 million kilowatts, effectively supporting the development and construction of my country's southwest hydropower base and the "Three North" new energy base. Zhang Zhengling emphasized that the on-the-ground electricity price delivered to the load center in the eastern and central parts of China is lower than the local benchmark coal-fired power tariff on average, which can reduce the electricity expenses of enterprises and users in the eastern and central parts of the country and reduce the energy cost of the whole society. UHV transmission of external power instead of local coal power construction can reduce land occupation in the eastern and central regions and help implement regional development strategies such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordination and Yangtze River Delta integration.

    The many advantages of UHV itself and my country's deep accumulation in this field have enabled UHV projects to go out of the country. The State Grid Corporation of China has successfully built the ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project of Brazil's Meilishan Hydropower Project, which has realized the "going out" of the entire industrial chain and value chain of UHV technology, standards, equipment, engineering general contracting and operation management. Relying on UHV technology, the level of domestic equipment and international competitiveness have been significantly improved, driving the export of my country's electrical products to more than 80 countries and regions in the world.


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